Tom Castleman

Tom Castleman

Web Software Engineer, IT Consultant

Please note: Last update 2015 - see LinkedIn for more up to date information.

Since 2004 I have been working with businesses & the web, analysing business problems and developing solutions across a wide variety of technologies.

I am based in London UK Europe.

Key points:

  • Business analysis, solution development.
  • Web application design, implementation, maintenance.
  • Dev ops including cloud infrastructure design & support.
    AWS, Heroku, Digital Ocean.
  • Modern PHP development with >10 years experience.
    Laravel & Symfony frameworks.
  • Keen & quick to learn new technologies.
  • Database design, maintenance.
  • Front-end HTML5, SASS, ES6, Vue.js.
  • Involved in developer community.
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science & Software Engineering.
  • Run ran B3 IT Consulting.

Web Software Engineer

I solve business problems with robust, well designed & tested software solutions. I have been working with PHP for over 10 years and take an active interest in researching and utilising the latest technologies & best practices in the industry.

I love Composer & Packagist, the structure & ecosystem they bring to modern PHP application development. Over the years I have used various frameworks, most recently Laravel & Symfony. Where possible I like to contribute to open source projects, including the Laravel core & docs. I have also released Laravel extensions to implement missing functionality for my projects.

Whilst I slightly prefer backend development and have extensive experience working with databases, I have lots of experience with the frontend and most recently Vue.js. Naturally I work with HTML5, CSS/SASS, lots of Javascript (ES6), and have developed frontend build tools for development teams using webpack.

From a devops perspective I have been working with Ubuntu across the full stack since its first release, deploying and supporting apps, including lots of experience with AWS, Heroku, & Digital Ocean.

I am involved with the PHP, Laravel, and Vue.js communities including regular meet-ups. In 2016 I gave my first talk and wish to explore this further in 2017.

IT Consultant

I have been running ran B3 IT Consulting since 2004 from 2004-2016 working closely with my business partner on projects across a wide variety of IT disciplines and technologies.

This allows me to combine my passion for web software engineering and experience in broader IT consulting to design robust solutions to solve business problems.